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Jr./Sr. High School Counseling

Graduation Requirements | Program of Studies | Advanced Placement (AP) Program | Parent Conferences and Communications | Naviance | Planning for a College Education | Release of Information | Early Dismissal for Work | Extended Absence Assignment Requests | Students with Disabilities | Career and Technical Education – BOCES

The Counseling Department includes the school counselors and a social worker to
support students’ academic and social-emotional needs as well as future college
and/or career aspirations.

Graduation Requirements

Waterville CSD offers a variety of courses and programs designed to meet the needs of all students. All graduating seniors must have successfully completed program requirements for a regents or local diploma.

View Graduation Requirements on the NY State Education Department website.

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Program of Studies

The 2024-25 Waterville Jr./Sr. High School Program of Studies is now available online for students, parents and guardians.

The program will help guide the educational planning process and provide students with a clear understanding of the academic opportunities as well as the clubs and activities available to them.

Counselors will work with students and families to plan the next school year.

We will continue imagining, designing, and creating best futures!

View the complete Program of Studies.

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Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Waterville CSD participates in the internationally recognized Advanced Placement (AP) program sponsored by The College Board. To learn more about opportunities to complete college-level work, visit our Advanced Placement (AP) Program page.

Parent Conferences and Communications

The Waterville teaching staff understands the important role of communication with parents. Teachers are available to meet with parents during the school day or after school by appointment.

The district has already held parent-teacher conferences scheduled for the 2023-2024 school year. Parents and guardians can communicate with teachers and staff directly through email or by messaging through ParentSquare. If you need assistance, please call the high school office at (315) 841-3800.

If, at any time during the school year, you wish to schedule a conference, please call the School Counselor’s Office (315) 841-3823 to set up an appointment.

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Naviance is a powerful web-based tool that Waterville uses to help 7-12th grade students plan for a successful transition out of high school. Students can use Naviance to access information on careers and colleges, as well as complete inventories to learn more about themselves. Counselors will assist students in learning how to navigate and utilize Naviance, building on their knowledge each year.

Access Naviance.

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Planning for a College Education

The counseling office has information on most colleges in the country as well as scholarship and financial aid information. The counseling department also has a list of community colleges and vocational colleges students might consider in lieu of a four (4) year college. The Naviance program will be utilized to help students plan for their future, as well as one-on-one meetings with school counselors and a college and career fair help in the fall.

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Release of Information

The Federal Student Privacy Law prohibits school districts from releasing student transcripts without the student and/or parents’ permission. Students who wish to have the school provide transcripts to colleges or employment offices must obtain the proper release form from the counseling office. Parents/Guardians and eligible students can and do have the right to ask for their own records at any time. Please notify the counseling office of any request.

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Early Dismissal for Work (Work Release)

Waterville Central School has a work release program for seniors only. Seniors may apply for work release with permission of the building administrator and under the terms and conditions of the program. It should be understood that the building administrator will need to confirm the employment on a regular basis. Students are expected to be in school on days/periods they are not working.

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Extended Absence Assignment Requests

Requests for extended absences (3 or more days) should be directed to the School Counselor’s Office. To request and/or submit an extended absence form. Extended absence forms must be returned to the School Counselor’s Office no less than 5 days prior to the absence.

Download an Extended Absence Assignment Request form.

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Students with Disabilities as Determined by the Committee on Special Education

Students who fall under the guidelines of Special Education must receive a grade of fifty (50) or better on the five (5) required regents exams in order to obtain a local diploma.

For those students with disabilities which prevent them from earning a regents/local diploma, the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) credential will continue as an option.

Access more information of Special Education on the Student Support page.

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Career and Technical Education – BOCES

Students may see their school counselor about signing up for a career and technical education course given through the Oneida County Board of Cooperative Education Services (BOCES) at their center in Oneida County.

Consult the OHM BOCES website for more information on the courses offered.

Students attending the BOCES center will spend half their day at the center and the remaining time at Waterville Central School. Transportation is provided. The counseling office can give students and parents more information on this program. Such courses are recommended mainly for students in grades 11-12.

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