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School District Directory

District Staff | Business Office | Jr./Sr. High School | Elementary School | Transportation

District Staff

Dr. Jennifer Spring
Superintendent of Schools
(315) 841-3915

Jessie Treen
Secretary to the Superintendent
(315) 841-3815

Katie Hansen
Director of Special Programs
(315) 841-3750

Deborah Bruno
CSE Secretary
(315) 841-3750

Thomas Gleason
Building Maintenance Supervisor
(315) 841-3830

Miranda Stockbridge
Community School Liaison
(315) 841-3840

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Business Office

Cynthia Amarosa
School Business Official
(315) 841-3912

Morgan Screeder

Jennifer Nichols
Account Clerk
(315) 841-3816

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Jr./Sr. High School

Jennifer Dainotto
Secondary Principal
(315) 841-3818

Lindsay Owens
Assistant Principal
(315) 841-3885

Tom Gifford
Athletic Director
(315) 841-3810

Principal’s Secretary
(315) 841-3818

Jennifer O’Sullivan
Main Office Receptionist
(315) 841-3808

Anne Kane, RN
(315) 841-3821

Christa Nigro
Sr. High Counselor
(315) 841-3819

Gina Rocci
Jr. High Counselor
(315) 841-3820

Chelsey Fancett
Counseling Office Secretary
(315) 841-3823

Russell Franklin
Social Worker
(315) 841-3831

Jody Scoones, FNP-C
School Based Health Center
(315) 841-3857

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Elementary School

Karen Hinderling
Elementary Principal
(315) 841-3782

Lindsay Owens
Assistant Principal
(315) 841-4065

Mary Blunt
Principal’s Secretary
(315) 841-3782

Brenda Evans
Main Office Receptionist
(315) 841-3783

Becky Jones, LSW
Social Worker
(315) 841-3711

Tessa Mathias
(315) 841-3743

Jody Scoones, FNP-C
School Based Health Center
(315) 841-3715

Pre-K Registration Information
(315) 841-3831

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Ethan Ostrander
(315) 841-3786 / (315) 841-3765

Colleen Iles
Bus Dispatcher
(315) 841-3787

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