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Student Support

Special Programs and Services

If your student is disabled or you suspect your student may be disabled, the student may be entitled to special education and/or related services without cost to you. A student with a disability is entitled to a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). If you have questions or wish to refer your child for an evaluation, please contact Ms. Katie Hansen, Director of Special Programs at (315) 841-3750.

Committee on Special Education Services – CSE

WCS district provides psychological, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and tutorial services to students as judged necessary by the committee. Parents may inquire about these services by contacting the principal, school counselor’s office or CSE Chairperson.

Instructional Support Team – IST

This team consists of principals, school counselors, social workers, the school nurse, and other associated support staff. A student who is experiencing difficulties in the classroom or school environment may be referred to this committee. Possible outcomes from this committee include classroom modifications, after-school study hall, lunch study hall, parent conferences and referral to appropriate student service personnel. This committee meets twice per month to look at all attendance, academic and behavior concerns in the Junior/senior High School.

If you cannot access the documents on this page, please call (518) 841-3900 or email Communications to obtain the document in an alternative format.

Special Programs and Services

Kathleen Hansen
Director of Special Programs and Services

Deborah Bruno
Secretary of Special Programs and Services

Phone: (315) 841-3750
Fax: (315) 841-3716

Andrew Rubino
School Psychologist

Felicia Brennan
Occupational Therapist

Rochelle Hull
Speech Therapist

Mary Sara Sperl
Physical Therapist

Tana Snyder
English Language Teacher

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