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Waterville Central School District is committed to providing students and staff with software that enhances learning and teaching. We are also committed to the data privacy of students and staff and comply fully with FERPA and NY State’s Ed Law 2-d. Following best practices for institutional software selection, the district requires a vetting process prior to the use of any software

SchoolTool Mobile App

SchoolTool logo

The Waterville CSD has launched the School Tool Mobile App for the Jr./Sr. High School and 6th Grade at Memorial Park Elementary. With this app, parents/guardians and students will be able to log in and see information about current schedules, contacts, marking period grades, assignments and attendance.

Download the SchoolTool app and customize interface and notifications.

1:1 Chromebook Initiative

The goal of the Waterville School District 1 :1 Chromebook initiative (one electronic device for each student) is to ensure that District students in grades K – 12 have regular, equitable access to the digital tools and resources that allow them to be successful 21st-century learners. To reach this goal, the District will provide students with digital devices that allow for the expansion of learning opportunities beyond the walls of the District.

As we believe in Future-Ready Knowledge and Skills, providing every student with a Chromebook will deepen the connection between the high-quality instruction our teachers deliver and the vast collection of resources, tools, and communities that exist in today’s digital world. These connections enhanced by the use of technology will allow students to be prepared for post-secondary success and supported to become intellectually curious and creative critical thinkers who are effective communicators and collaborators.

Expectation of Privacy

No right of privacy exists in the use of technological resources provided by the school. School and District administrators or individuals designated by the Superintendent may review files, internet history logs, monitor communications/content activities, and intercept email messages to maintain system integrity and to ensure compliance with board policy and applicable laws and regulations.

Student Data Security

The Waterville Central School District seeks to use current technology, including electronic storage, retrieval and analysis of information about students’ education experience in the District, to enhance the opportunities for learning and to increase the efficiency of our District and school operations. The District seeks to ensure that parents have information about how the District stores, retrieves and uses information about students and to meet all legal requirements for maintaining the privacy and security of protected student data and protected principal and teacher data, including Section 2-d of the New York State Education Law.

If at any time the district learns that student and/or teacher/principal data has been compromised, parents and guardians will be notified, and the data breach will be reported to the State Education Department. Parents who have concerns or complaints about data privacy or security may file a complaint by contacting the district’s data protection officer, Katie Hansen at (315) 841-3750, or Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring at (315) 841-3915.

Read the Waterville CSD Parents’ Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security.

View the NYS Education Law Section 2-d Inventory of Data Elements on the NY State Education Department website.

View the NYS Education Department’s Data Privacy and Security Policy.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) & Directory Information

The District complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. Parents and 18-year-old students may inspect official records relating to them including progress reports, grades, aptitude and achievement test scores, psychological tests and teacher evaluations. A record may be challenged by parents or 18-year-olds when they believe it to be inaccurate or misleading. All requests to inspect and review a student’s record must be submitted to the District’s Records Access Officer. The District designates the following information as Directory Information: student’s name, parent’s name, address, date and place of birth, telephone number, email address, major or field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, most recent previous educational agency attended by student, photograph and video images of students engaged in routine activities when those images are not records of the District’s law enforcement unit. As required by federal law, the District discloses the names, addresses and telephone numbers of juniors and seniors to military recruiters. Parental permission is assumed unless the Waterville Central School District is notified in writing. Please refer to Policy 7500 for more information or contact the superintendent.

Patient health care records maintained by schools are considered education records and are thus subject to the FERPA rules, and not the privacy portions of HIPAA. When a school wants or needs health information from outside health care providers, schools will need to adhere to the disclosure requirements of the outside health care providers (which are HIPAA – governed) in order to gain access to the information.


Read more at the links below:

  • FERPA, from the U.S. Department of Education Protecting Student Privacy website
  • How to file a complaint, from the U.S. Department of Education Protecting Student Privacy website

Smart Schools Investment Plan

View Waterville CSD’s Smart School Investment Plan documents regarding educational technology and infrastructure on the About Us > Policies & Procedures page.

Third-Party Contracts

Learn more about the vendors we work with through Oneida Herkimer Madison BOCES.

Read the district’s Education Law 2-d Opt-In statement.

If you cannot access the documents on this page, please call (518) 841-3900 or email Communications to obtain the document in an alternative format.

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