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Connected Community Schools work to bring the community, local agencies, services, organizations, businesses, places of worship, individuals, teachers, administrators, union members and leader, & investors to the students. We all have the same mission in mind. To help students become successful, productive and engaged healthy citizens!

Waterville Foundation | Brothertown Scholarship | Fitness Center | Waterville Music Boosters

Waterville Foundation

Board Officers

Patricia Louise – President
Susan Jones – Vice President
C. Robert Treen – Treasurer
Mary Kate Ruane – Secretary

Board Members

Paul Gallagher
Larry Stockwell
Linda Kelly
Jody Barnes
Jean Dorr
Leslie Olivera-Van Wormer
James Van Wormer

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Brothertown Scholarship

The Brothertown Scholarship Fund assists students of the Waterville Central School District with academic scholarships. All WCS seniors planning to go on to college, technical school/training and the military are eligible to receive a Brothertown Scholarship Award. Please consider supporting our students!

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) – If you are age 70.5 or older, you can make a QCD, or a charitable contribution directly from a pre-tax retirement account to our organization. This will lower your tax contribution, providing a tax benefit for making a charitable contribution something no longer available to individuals who cannot itemize their taxes.

How can you help?

  • Make a donation to the general endowment fund or add your donation to an existing specific scholarship.
  • Create your own scholarship (minimum $250) by contacting President Brian Bogan.

Contact Information

Brothertown Scholarship Fund
PO Box 454
Waterville, NY  13480

Brian Bogan, President
Phone: (315) 841-8527

Board of Directors

Brian Bogan, President
Roger Tanner, Treasurer
Colleen Bogan
Mary Campbell
James Cieslak
Joseph Falk
S. Kelly Falk
Sue (Engle) Jones
Donna Weeks 

WCS Class of 2024

More than $47,000 was awarded to 39 WCS seniors at the 25th Annual Brothertown Scholarship Awards Dinner on June 12, 2024 at Michael’s Four Eleven Tower. See the full list and slideshow on the district website.

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Fitness Center

Did you know there is a small gem located at the Jr./Sr. High School building? The Waterville Fitness Center! Close to home and staffed by individuals that are helpful and knowledgeable. Why not take a look?

We are excited to announce the center has received a grant from the Barton Fund to purchase new elliptical training equipment! If you have not seen this truly unique fitness center you should stop and take a look. The staff would love to show you around.


  • Pay by the day, month, semester or year.
  • 10% discount for members aged 62 or older.
  • Waterville college students discounted rate during breaks $10.
  • Membership application is available at the Fitness Center (315) 841-3891 during open hours or at the District Office (315) 841-3900 during the school day.


Annual: $110
Trimester (4 months): $40
Monthly: $15
Daily: $4

Non Resident

Annual: $120
Trimester (4 months): $50
Monthly: $18
Daily: $4

Family Resident

Add $50 for each member over 4.

Annual: $275
Trimester (4 months): $100
Monthly: $40
Daily: $4

Family Non Resident

Add $50 for each member over 4.

Annual: $325
Trimester (4 months): $125
Monthly: $65
Daily: $4


Fall: Sept. 1 – Dec. 31
Winter: Jan. 2 – Apr. 30
Summer: May 1- Aug. 31
Summer Hours do NOT include the Afternoon Schedule.

Visit the Fitness Center page for more information.

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Waterville Music Boosters

Our Mission

To promote and foster the development in the Waterville Central School District an appreciation of music, including but not limited to the support of the school district concert band, chorus, marching band, and jazz band.

Waterville Music Boosters
PO Box 253
Waterville, NY 13480

Facebook: Waterville Music Boosters
Instagram: Waterville MusicBoosters

2022-2023 Board Members

President: Jamie-Lee Broedel
Vice President: Open
Treasurer: Jennifer Stiffler
Student Accounts Treasurer (Moola): Jennifer Stiffler
Secretary: Heather O’Brien
Jr./Sr. High School Music Faculty: Tayler Kochan
Jr./Sr. High School Music Faculty: Pat Moshetti

Moola Money Policy

Moola Money is money earned by Waterville Central School band, choir or color guard members through various authorized fundraisers and set aside for their use. It is the policy of the Brothertown Music Boosters that the following guidelines be used in earning, distributing and expending funds maintained as Moola Money:

  1. Moola Money can only be earned by band, choir or color guard members through participation in fundraisers authorized by the Brothertown Music Boosters.
  2. Band members shall be provided with information before the fundraiser regarding the amount of Moola Money to be earned as a result of their active participation.
  3. Moola Money accounts will be established and maintained by the Brothertown Music Boosters for each band, choir or color guard members.
  4. Moola Money account balances will be accessible through the Brothertown Music Boosters website.
  5. Personalized numbers will be used to list the accounts in order to maintain student anonymity.
  6. Moola Money may be expended on behalf of the band member who earns it for the following:
    • Toward the cost of a Brothertown Music Booster sponsored trip.
    • For authorized marching band uniform pieces (i.e. shoes, gloves etc).
    • Toward the purchase of musical instruments for individual students in support of Waterville Central School District performance groups.
    • To procure equipment, repairs and supplies for musical instruments in support of the Waterville Central School District Music Department.
    • Toward the purchase of any item deemed appropriate by the Brothertown Music Boosters to support, enhance or facilitate a band member’s interest and participation in music.
  7. All purchases will be administered through the Waterville Central School District and facilitated by the Band Director.
  8. If Moola Money is not utilized by the band, choir or color guard member prior to graduation from school, it may be transferred to a younger family member, who is also in band, choir or color guard, for their use.
  9. If the Moola Money is not expended, and there are no qualified family members to transfer it to, it will be placed in the Brothertown Music Booster’s general account.

This policy was adopted by the Brothertown Music Boosters at an official meeting held February 2005.

View the Waterville Music Boosters By-Laws.


Download a Waterville Music Boosters Membership Application.

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If you cannot access the documents on this page, please call (518) 841-3900 or email Communications to obtain the document in an alternative format.