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SchoolTool ParentPortal FAQs

Q. How do I find my child’s grades?

A. After logging in click on the blue triangle, you should see a series of tabs.

  1. Go to the Grades tab.
  2. Select the appropriate School Year for the grades you want to see.
  3. In the View drop down change to Final Grades and you will get those.
  4. Change View drop down to Assessment Grades and you should get all Final Exam grades including Regents for the selected school year.
  5. Change the View drop down to Marking Period Grades (10 weeks) and the “for” drop down to the marking period you want to see and you will get those grades.
  6. Change the View drop down to Progress Report Grades (5-weeks) and the “for” drop down to the marking period you want to see and you will get those Progress Report Grades.

NOTE: The Assessments tab contains the results for any 3-8 NYS Assessments your child has taken. The 3-8 exams are graded on a 1-4 scale (Performance Level).

Q. How come I can see Final Averages for each course, but not 4th Marking period grades?

A. We don’t have a great answer for this one, other than this is the way SchoolTool works. We set a “publish” date for when we want Marking Period Grades & Progress Report Grades to show up in the Parent Portal. We set the “publish” date for the 4th MP grades for the end of the month as we still need to collect & enter grades for our off campus students and regents scores. Unfortunately, there is no such “publish date” option for Final Averages. Once a teacher enters all the info they need to enter the system publishes Final Averages automatically.

Q. How come I did not know that 5 week progress reports were available in the Parent Portal?

A. There is nothing, per se, that automatically alerts you if there have been updates or changes in the Parent Portal. We have posted the dates that grades are available for viewing in the Parent Portal on our District Calendar (progress reports issued).

Q. How do I access the 5 week progress report once I am logged in?

A. Log in to your parent portal account – Select your student (blue triangle) – Click on the “Grades” tab — Change the “View” menu to Progress Report Grades and Voila!

Q. I can’t login/forgot password.

A. First thing you should know is that your account will “lock” 10 minutes AFTER the 5th unsuccessful log in attempt. If you have forgotten your password, try to log in, when it tells you wrong username or password, click on the blue Forgot Password link. Enter your email address on the next screen and a new password will be sent to you (it will come from schooltool@schooltool.com). You can then go in and change it under the “account” tab. If all else fails, email us at cfancett@watervillecsd.org.

Q. How come I can’t see all of my children?

A. Somewhere along the line when your family’s information was entered into SchoolTool a check box was missed. Please email us at: cfancett@watervillecsd.org to let us know and we will fix it. (Parent Portal is only available for grades 6-12).

Q. What do I do if my contact information is wrong?

A. Please email us at: cfancett@watervillecsd.org with the changes and we will fix it.

Q. What is the difference between Progress Report Grades & Marking Period Grades?

A. Marking Period Grades – Those are the grades students receive every 10 weeks and those are the grades that would show up on what we traditionally refer to as “Report Cards”.

Progress Report Grades – Those are a student’s grades at the half point of the marking period. These “Progress Report Grades” are done to help parents and students monitor student progress 5 weeks into each Marking Period. NOTE: Progress Report Grades are just an update on student progress.

Q. It would be nice to have everything (progress reports, report cards and missing assignments) sent directly to email. It is a bit of trouble to have to find my way to the Parent Portal and login.

A. Getting all the information the Parent Portal offers parents into an email is not something SchoolTool is set up to do. I will admit, that like anything new, there is a learning curve. I think if we all work together and stick with it we will find the Parent Portal more useful than emailing items. Once the Tab names (and what info is under each tab) become more familiar, I think you will find the system pretty efficient.

Q. Can a student set up a portal account of their own?

A. Unfortunately SchoolTool is not set up that way. We encourage any parent who wants to share their password with their student to do so. This is a read only site and nothing can be changed (except the password). A password can be reset anytime just by contacting cfancett@watervillecsd.org.

For immediate assistance regarding user access contact:
Chelsey Fancett: Grades 7-12 at (315) 841-3818
Sheri Brennan: 6th grade at (315) 841-3782