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The Positivity Project

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The Positivity Project, or P2, is an organization whose mission it is to empower students to build positive relationships and become their best selves. Memorial Park School has been implementing P2 since the 2019 school year. Our shared vision is to create citizens and leaders who will enhance our school and our communities.

Positive psychology’s 24 character strengths serve as its foundation. They range from bravery and perseverance to integrity and gratitude. P2 empowers students by acknowledging that the 24 character strengths are already part of who we are as people. P2 helps kids realize that each and every one of us can tap into these strengths — and not just now as students, but for the rest of their lives. These strengths aren’t about ignoring the negative. Instead, they help guide and steady us and as we navigate life’s inevitable adversities.

Several dozens students standing in shape of W in gymnasium

P2 is a school-wide endeavor here at MPS, grounded in the consistency of daily classroom instruction. The project gives our teachers resources to instill vocabulary and the meaning of the strengths through explicit teaching of each strength for 10 minutes per day. Every classroom will dedicate a week to each of the 24 strengths to help students understand them through definition, examples, discussions, and activities.