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Voters to elect two board of education members in Waterville; terms start July 1, 2024

On May 21, voters in Waterville will choose two district residents to serve on the Waterville Board of Education from July 1, 2024 until June 30, 2027.

Residents must collect at least 25 signatures from qualified school district voters, in order to be placed on the ballot. Nominating petitions, which will be available Friday, March 1, must be filed by 5 p.m. Monday, April 22 in the district clerk’s office by mail at 381 Madison Street, Waterville, NY 13480, or by emailing the district clerk, Jennifer Nichols, at

The Waterville Board of Education is composed of seven school district residents elected by voters. Each board member is elected to a three-year term. Board members are not financially compensated.

The board is the official policy-making body of the school district. It is responsible for carrying out the laws and regulations pertaining to the education of students within the district. The board establishes district policy, reviews curriculum and programs of study, and approves the hiring of all personnel, as well as establishing the conditions of employment. The board is also responsible for developing an annual budget for public approval.

To qualify for school board membership, an individual:

  • Must be a qualified voter of the school district;
  • Must be able to read and write;
  • Must be a resident of the district for at least one year prior to the election;
  • May not be employed by the board on which they intend to serve;

More information about becoming a school board member is available on the New York State School Board Association website.

Waterville Central School District School Board Petitions

Petitions to run for a seat on the Waterville Central School Board of Education may be picked up at the District Clerk’s Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

There are two (2) Board seats up for election

Two (2) ~3 Year Term~

Petitions must have 25 signatures and be submitted to Jennifer Nichols, District Clerk no later than 5 p.m. Monday, April 22, 2024.