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Students narrow mascot name choices to 4, public vote scheduled for May

April 24, 2023

Waterville Central School District students in grades 7-12 narrowed down the list of eight potential new mascot names down to four during the week of April 17.

The committee overseeing and advising the district’s transition to a new mascot, team name and logo recommended eight names: Bobcats, Eagles, Hawks, Huskies, Purple Storm, Tigers, Wildcats and Wolves. At the April 4 Board of Education meeting, it was decided the Jr./Sr. High School students would select the four names that would be presented to the public for a vote on May 16.

Students were presented the choices via a Google form and could choose up to four names from the recommended eight. The top four choices by students, listed in alphabetical order, are Eagles, Huskies, Wildcats and Wolves.

There will be an online voting option available on May 16, which will be posted to the district website that day. There will also be an option to vote in person for those registered for the annual school budget and board of education election at the Jr./Sr. High School, 381 Madison Street, from 10 a.m to 8 p.m. The mascot name vote will not be a ballot proposition, rather voting on the name would be available to people who show up in person to the annual vote and would be held in a separate area at the Jr./Sr. High School.

The change is coming after the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) notification to school districts in November 2022 that they must ensure their mascots, team names and logos are non-discriminatory and specifically mentioned ending the use of Native American mascots and imagery.

More information on the voting process will be released when it is finalized. Communication from the district is shared on the district website and on ParentSquare, the district’s primary platform for school communication, and with local media when appropriate.

Community members who do not have students active in WCSD, but would still like to receive district notifications, are invited to sign up for ParentSquare.

The committee anticipates reconvening after the vote, with a date and time to be determined.

More information about the mascot, logo and team name change is available on the Waterville district website.