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Waterville CSD Staff Complete New Professionals Academy!

On Tuesday, May 31, Waterville Central School District officially recognized the newest members of its faculty for successfully completing the district’s year-long new teacher induction program. Waterville was proud to welcome ten teachers who joined us during the 2021-22 school year. Many of these teachers had taught before in other districts, private schools or out of state so many were not new to teaching. Hence, that is why the year-long professional development is called “New Professionals” instead of new teachers. These new faculty members were each assigned a veteran teacher to serve as their mentor. The mentoring pairs met regularly throughout the school year to provide support with curriculum and instruction, and to engage in reflective dialogue and peer observations. Additionally, the new teachers participated in monthly meetings led by Superintendent Dr. Spring that focused on reading and discussing the book, Teach Like a Champion and to provide support during the first year at Waterville. Congratulations to our newest faculty members and a huge thank you to their mentors! 


Roseann Kantor - Mary Spanneut

Allison Keysor - Vincent Elacqua

Monica Kilts - Ellen Scranton

Julia Lamont - Jody Cognetti

Emily Morris - McKinley Zalewski

Riccardo Ripa - Kate Worwa

Aaron Sirtoli - Amy Bentz

Megan Smith - Shannon Wolanin

Amanda Starczewski - Fred Jerzak

Shanae Wright - Tammy Piccola