• Capital Project 2020

    On March 5, 2020 Voters of the Waterville school district approved and authorized the Board of Education to undertake certain captial improvements consisting of reconstrucion of the existing school building and facilities, including, without limitaion, energy efficiencies to lighting, heating and building envelopes, site improvements and the acquisition of certain original furninshings, equipement and the apparatus and other incidental improvements required in connection for such construction and school use, all at an esitmated maximum cost of $12,860,000 and to appropriate and expend from the existing capital reserve $550,000 which will offset the final bonding.  

    Capital projects are funded through New York State and Waterville's aid ratio for this project is estimated to be 86.5%.  This means that for every dollar spend in the capital project the district's local share is 13.5 cents.  The board of education has a long standing rolling project schedule.  Maintaining a schedule allows the district to maintain level debt schedules and continue to maintain the facilities and buildings.