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    Coach Greene: mgreene@watervillecsd.org (315)841-3700 ext. 4064
    Coach Carbone: wcarbone@watervillecsd.org   (315)841-3700 ext. 4062
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     Physical Education in our schools has become increasingly more important in recent times. At Memorial Park Elementary we believe Physical Education plays a critical role in educating the whole child. Introducing health and fitness conccepts at a young age provides the students with the tools and information they need to become and remain healthy, informed, and active individuals. Our goal is to provide the students with a developmentally appropriate, fun, Physical Education experience filled with a variety of activities.
    Goals and Objectives:
    The district's Physical Education program is developmentally appropriate, is provided in a safe envrionment, and utilizes specific and cross-discipline activities that promote fitness, motor skills development, active participation, life-long activity, and individual health and wellness.
    Our Curriculum:
       a. Promotes physical activity and the attainment of physical fitness, and a desire to maintain
          physical fitness throughout life,
      b.Develops loco-motor movement and skills in the management of the body and useful physical
      c. Is provided in a safe environment;
      d.Develops interpersonal respect, good social interactions, cooperation and good sportsmanship;
      e.Develops the whole child through disciplined activities
    How to be prepared for Class:
    • All students K-6 are required to have the proper footwear (ex. sneakers) (no dress shoes or boots!)
    • Only grades 5 & 6 are required to wear appropriate attire (ex. T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts)

    Attendance Policy:
    All students are expected to attend and participate in all scheduled Physical Education classes. Students who are unable to participate in class due to sickness or an injury inside or outside of school, need to produce a medical note from the doctor.

    Coach's Schedules:

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