• The Waterville Central School District seeks to use current technology, including electronic storage, retrieval and analysis of information about students’ education experience in the District, to enhance the opportunities for learning and to increase the efficiency of our District and school operations. The District seeks to ensure that parents have information about how the District stores, retrieves and uses information about students and to meet all legal requirements for maintaining the privacy and security of protected student data and protected principal and teacher data, including Section 2-d of the New York State Education Law.

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    If at any time the district learns that student and/or teacher/principal data has been compromised, parents and guardians will be notified, and the data breach will be reported to the state Education Department. Parents who have concerns or complaints about data privacy or security may file a complaint by contacting the district's data protection officer, Katie Hansen (315-841-3750, khansen@watervillecsd.org) or superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring (315-841-3915, jspring@watervillecsd.org).