• Social Studies 8

    Social Studies 8 will cover U.S. History from Reconstruction up to current events. Over the course of the year we will be working on Enduring Issues essays, DBQ questions as well as Thematic Essays. Student will need to master these skills as they enter their high school Social Studies classes. 
    Students are graded based on the following 4 categories: homework, classwork, tests and quizzes. Students are graded by a point system. Each assignment will be given a point value, based on the length and difficulty of the assignment. Essays will be graded using a Regents exam rubric. All grades are updated on a weekly basis. Students and parents are encouraged to check grades on parent portal. Homework assignments will be posted daily via the Remind app as well as google classroom. 
    I am available both before and after school for extra help as well as during lunch and planning periods. If you would like additional help, please use the following links below:
    My contact information: awanner@watervillecsd.org, 315-841-3800 or you can contact me through the Remind app on your phone. 
    Monte Carlo, Monaco