• Here you will find a list of things that I would like you to have for class.
    1.    A 3-Ring binder specifically for Geometry. I have found that 2" or 3" works best. I sometimes have trouble finding this at Walmart...
            I would suggest also looking in Target, Staples, etc.
    2.      Pencils and erasers are a MUST! You can take notes and do homework in ink if you wish, but all tests and quizzes must be
             done in pencil.
    3.      We will be using compasses and rulers in class. Many students have a hard time with using a compass. I recommend getting one of
              your own to draw circles and arcs. I also recommend getting your own ruler that has both centimeter and inch measurements.
    4.        Looseleaf paper is needed for some classwork and for some homework assignments. I will not allow anything to be turned
               in on paper that has the notebook spiral edges on it.
    5.        Highlighters can be useful to mark diagrams or to make key words in problems stand out.
    6.         For class and homework, I ask that each student has their own scientific calculator. TI30-X IIS is perfect :-) A sheet will go home to be signed about this requirement.
    7.         I also recommend a zip-up pencil pouch that can be clipped into the Geometry binder to carry the calculator in. It helps to
                protect the calculator from be dropped or damaged.
    I am sure there are a few things that I may have forgotten to mention. Please bear with me...most things are optional tools that could
    be useful to some students. They may pop up through out the year...