Chuck Chafee

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Chuck Chafee

I have been the Superintendent at Waterville Central School since May 2012 and enjoy being "back home." Prior to coming to Waterville, I was the Superintendent of Schools at Stockbridge Valley Central School from July 2008 to May 2012. I was born and raised in Central NY, graduating from Mt. Markham High School. I have a bachelors degree from SUNY Geneseo in Business Management, a masters degree from SUNY Oneonta in Business Economics and a Certificate of Advanced Study from SUNY Cortland.

My Philosophy!! {My roadmap for our school's future}


Following are The Seven Standards of theSuperintendency that I will continue to use as a guide for my leadership style and strategy:


1.    I practice leadership in the form of visibility throughout the school and community.  I will visit all teachers and staff on a regular basis and will be a spectator at numerous extracurricular events.  I will also participate in a variety of community activities.


2.   I believe in a school system that is truly student-centered where all decisions are made with the best educational interest of the students in mind.  Sometimes it takes courage to say “no” to special interest groups that have a self-serving agenda.  The question we should ask ourselves when making decisions is, “Is it good for kids?”


3.   I believe in a school system that is safe for all who reside within it.  Students who carry drugs and weapons to school will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of school policy and criminal law.


4.   I strive to provide a school system where educators have high expectations for all to achieve. All students can learn, but maybe not in the same way on the same day.


5.   A school system must be sensitive to the educational needs of its students, while at the same time, being sensitive of the cost to its taxpayers. 


6.    I believe schools must be clean and functional for staff, students, and community use.  We will continue to make necessary building improvements to keep our beautiful facility conducive to learning.

7.    Our school system must be one that the community can be proud of and will support in its efforts to educate all people in the community.  I welcome the community to be a partner in a process to develop the future vision of our school district.
**Developed from Steve Szatko's seven standards. I have had the distinct privilege of working for and with Steve at various times in my career. Thanks to Steve for his insight and mentorship!!""