Art Club Mission: To provide grade 5 and 6 artists with developmental opportunities that explore additional creative arenas pertinent to the visual arts, such as: exhibition experience, group projects, individual experimentation, and on-site discovery. Art Club is directed by student interest under the guidance of MPS art teacher, Mrs. Christensen.

    Grade 6 art clubs meet on Day 1 (alternating every week).  Grade 5 art clubs meet on Day 3 (alternating every week). 

    Past projects include:  papier mache sculpture, free form body design, Artist Trading Cards, sewing fleece hats, puppet making, recycling crayons, paper and wood sculpture and a variety of experimental painting techniques.

    Please see permission forms (Art Club and Code of Conduct) for additional information.


    Memorial Park Elementary School

    145 East Bacon Street

    Waterville, NY 13480


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


              I wouldlike to take this opportunity to share some details regarding Grade 6 and Grade5 Art clubs.  Art club is a yearlongextra-curricular exploration of the Visual Arts that meets at the end of theschool day from 1:40 to bus dismissal. The number of clubs and scheduled meetings depends upon the number ofstudents interested in participating. Large groups of students are divided into smaller individual clubs,which then meet on specific days of the week. Smaller groups allow me toprovide more individual attention to group members while exploring specialinterest projects.


    ArtClub Promotes: 

    Opportunities to explore additional creative arenasoutside of the visual arts classroom, such as: exhibition experience, group projects, experimental process art,multi-media exploration and on-site discovery.


    Please fill out the Art Club Permission form below andthe Code of Conduct on the back and return to Mrs. Christensen.  I am looking forward to a creative andpositive experience for your child.





    Mrs. Christensen

    Memorial Park Elementary School:  841-3700

    E-mail:  dchristensen@watervillecsd.org

    Art Club Permission Form


    _______________________________has my permission to become a

                           (Please print student name above)


    member of Grade 6A, 6B, 6C/Grade 5A, 5B, 5C Art Club.  I understand that

                    (Please circle the correct homeroom class code)

    this club will meet on a specific day during regular school hours.


    ________________________________      _________________

                       (Parent or guardian signature)                                            (Date)




    MPS 5th/6thArt Clubs

    Code ofConduct



    I agree to the following rules while participating inthis Extra-Curricular Activity:


    1.     To refrain from engaging inconduct unbecoming a representative of a student organization.


    2.     To attend all art clubmeetings unless excused by the art teacher and home room teacher due toacademic needs.  (Excused absences andearly dismissal will not require a separate excuse).


    3.     Not to take, deface, ordamage any school property, including current exhibition work and personalteacher examples and models.


    4.     To take proper care of allequipment and supplies belonging to the MPS Art Department and to respect allrules set forth by the art teacher.


    Consequences formisbehavior:

    First offence:  Verbal warning

    Second offence:  Student will be sent back to homeroom class

    Thirdoffence:  Student will be sent to officeuntil dismissal and will be removed from further participation in art clubactivities.


    I______________________________ understand that myparticipation in an MPS Art Club depends

    (Student signature)

    upon my maintaining satisfactory levels of attendance,attitude and behavior.

    I_______________________________ understand that theparticipation of my child in an MPS Art

    (Parent signature)

    Club depends upon my child maintaining satisfactory levelsof attendance, attitude and behavior.