Resource Room - A small class of no more than five students where a Special Education teacher works with special education students. A resource room provides students with additional help while letting students remain within their mainstream classes. However, resource room lacks the structure and routine of a self-contained classroom. Usually, students who are in need of intensive help to keep up with grade-level work in a particular educational area  ( i.e. written expression, reading comprehension, math fluency )  are placed in a resource room. Special education teachers and educational assistants will be appointed in a resource room to focus on particular goals as mandated by an individualized education program and address general education curriculum. The development of executive skills, including homework completion and behavior are included in the program. Students usually attend resource room three to five times per week for about thirty minutes per day, depending on individual needs.

    Special Education - Special education means providing specially designed instruction adapted to the specific needs of eligible students that result from a disability. Special education ensures access of the student to general curriculum so that they can attempt to meet the educational standards that apply to all students. Special education can also include services such as speech and language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and counseling and special programs and transportation to meet the unique needs of the child.
    Consultant Services - services provided for a special education student or a group of special education students by a special education teacher within the students general education classroom.