Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jody Thomas

Thanks for clicking here to find out a little bit more about makes me feel good!
I was fortunate enough to grow up and go to school in Clinton, NY. I received my B.S. in Special Education from SUNY Geneseo in 1993 and started teaching in Waterville that very same year. ( Quick Math will tell you that this is my 29th school year at Waterville- whew!) I earned my M.S. in Health Education from SUNY Cortland in 1998. In June of 2019 I became certified in Positive Education. 
I now live with my family in Manlius, near Syracuse (55 minutes away). I have two grown kids: Ben (22) and Sophie (20). Both are in college. We love to swim, travel, watch and play sports, play with our dog, and be outdoors.

Likes: any food with red sauce, being outdoors, new adventures, audiobooks on my ride to and from work, learning new stuff, watching my kids play sports, perfect blue skies, animals.
Dislikes: peas, closed minded people, ghost stories/ alien stories, bad breath, liars

Last Book(s) Read: "What Happened To You? " by Bruce D. Perry, MD PhD & Oprah Winfrey
Last Trip: Navarre Beach with my Daughter 
Personal Facts: (1) I am a vegetarian- no meat, fish, or chicken (2) I always thought that if I had just a smidge more singing talent I could be a rock star -Like Joan Jett (3) I taught myself to play the ukulele (4) I like to collect rocks
Favorite Teachers: (1) Mrs. Freytag (Kindergarten)- she was so open and loving and made coming to school safe. Everyday she would let one of us comb her was down past her butt so it was really a novelty for us. (2) Ms. Blasczak (9th and 12th grade Honors English) - she expected us to be on our game everyday; she also treated us like young adults, she made me feel important and mature, she stretched outr thinking and challenged us.
My Heroes: (1) My Gram- she grew up very poor, and her parents died when she was young. She had every excuse to be a miserable ol' lady; but was not. She is a wonderful example of faith, integrity, and love. (2) Mother Theresa (3) Wonder Woman - a strong and courageous woman who battles liars and evil! I have lots of people I admire... the list continues to grow.