• Fifth Grade Supply List 2023-24

    To begin the school year, please bring:

    1 pair of earbuds/headphones (Not too large as these will be traveling with the student daily)

    4 Two pocket Folders (Please try to get the following colors):

    • Green - Math
    • Blue - ELA
    • Yellow - Science & Social Studies
    • Purple - “Take-home” folder

    1 zippered pencil pouch (no boxes please)

    5 packages of #2 pencils (we recommend Ticonderoga)

    1 package of colored pencils

    1 personal pencil sharpener

    1 package of fine-tip markers (no sharpies please)

    1 package of 5 color highlighters

    2 boxes of tissues

    1 package lined paper

    2 packages fine tip dry erase markers


    Please write your name on your materials and feel free to reuse supplies from last year.