• Kindergarten Supply List 2023-24

    Crayons: 5 boxes of 24 (Crayola brand; NOT washable)

    Glue Sticks: 6 pack (Elmer’s brand)

    Scissors: 1 pair of child size; labeled with your child’s name

    Two-pocket Folder: 1 plastic; any color; labeled with your   child’s name

    Hand Sanitizer: 16oz.

    Tissues: 1 box

    Paper Towels: 1 roll

    Baby Wipes: 1 ready to dispense package

    Dry Erase Markers: 4 pack of thin markers

    Pencils: 1 box of 12 (Ticonderoga brand)

    Play-Doh: 2 containers; 4oz. size; any color; not glitter

    Extra Set of Clothes: in a zip-lock bag labeled with your child’s name

    Backpack:  no wheels; a folder should be able to fit inside

    **Please Note:  if your child cannot tie his/her own shoes, shoes without laces are required.**