Natural Resources & Conservation

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    Intro to Water & The Water Cycle  1/6/20-1/13/20

    Student Learning Objectives:

    1. Learning Objectives:

      1. Describe & evaluate the function of wetlands.
      2. Differentiate between groundwater & surface water.
      3. Describe water pollution, its effect on the environment, and measures that can be taken to protect water sources.

      Day 1 Wetlands

      Videos: Types of Wetlands;  Flooding Farmlands 

      EPA Wetland Text   Use G-W pp. 948-961 to complete Types of Wetlands Wkst

      Day 2 Water Quality

      Videos:  What is Sediment, The Scoop on Stormwater (EPA)

      How do I Move Stormwater?     Complete G-W Chapter 15.4 Wrkst

      Read & highlight EUnit- Water Quality & complete STest

      Day 3  Water Pollution    Quiz on wetland and water quality terms!

      Videos:  Measuring Water Quality; Water Pollution

      Read & highlight EUnit:  Water Pollution and complete STest

      Day 4 Groundwater Contamination

      Video: What is Groundwater?     Read EUnit Groundwater Contamination & complete STest

      Day 5  Hudson River PCB's 

      Read text:The Hudson River & PCB’s , define the vocabulary words. Complete the questions.

      Day 6    Video: The Hudson River PCB Story- a Toxic Heritage. (30 min)

      Finish the worksheet/ questions.

      Day 7     Video:  Cleaning up the Toxic Mess from the Hudson (10 min)

      Complete the Visual Model/ Timeline for PCB’s in the Environment

      Day 8   Tuesday 1/21 Test- Wetlands, Water Quality and Water PollutionNext Week- Midterm Review  MidTerm Friday 1/24