Natural Resources & Conservation

  • All materials available on Google Classroom.

    3/12           Thursday

    Read & Highlight EUnit- Soil Degradation

    Complete STest

    3/13           Friday  Quiz- Land Classes!!

    Read & Highlight EUnit Soil Erosion

    Complete the Soil Erosion Worksheet

    Begin STest---- Complete for Homework!

    3/23           Monday  Land Classes, Soil Degradation & Erosion Due!

    In class- complete “Topsoil Lost” worksheet

    Use NRC Text online to Begin Chapter 10 Review Packet

    3/24           Tuesday

    Finish Chapter 10 Worksheets

    3/25          Wed.

    Review for Test!

    3/26           Thursday   Test on Land Classes, Soil Degradation & Erosion!

                                      (Kahoot Challenge- use your real initials or names please)