• This is a list of the all the assignments broken down by topic for the year.  The list composes roughly what should be happening each week.  More specific dates will be given to students weekly.  Exact dates will be listed on the front board each week and it is the student's responsibility to write these dates down in their agenda.

    We are using the "flipped" classroom model of instruction.  The idea behind this, is to have notes done at home before we do the activities.  Activities and labs are done during class time so students can work with the teacher on how to complete the work.  

    Work done at home are notes and practices.  Notes are done by using the Cornel note taking method.  All notes are through Google classroom.   Practices are questions to reinforce what is being taught and are done online using edoctrina.  The practices are the review assignments for test, quizzes, quartiles, midterms, and the regents exam.  The practices also introduce and review the tables found in the Earth Science reference tables.

    Activities and labs are assignments to reinforce the concepts in the notes.  Students will be given an appropriate amount of time to complete each assignment.  If a student does not complete the assignment in the allocated class time, then it is his/her responsibility to complete the assignment on their own time outside of class.

     Please follow the new timeline to the left due to the stay at home order.