• December Did You Know . . . DYK
    Test your cabbage knowledge... December's HOM Quiz answers 
    1. True - In places that have extra long days in the summer, like Alaska, cabbages can grow to be huge!!
    2. False - Cabbages grow above the ground. Cabbage heads are clusters of leaves that grow tightly together. Leaves need sunlight so they couldn't grow underground. Although cabbages are not roots like carrots, they can be stored in a root cellar over the winter, just like carrots.
    3. True - The word cabbage comes from the french word "caboche," which means head.
    4. False - Although lots of people like to eat cabbage and potatoes together, cabbages are in a different family from potatoes. Cababges are related broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and kale. All these veggies are in the Brassica family.
    5. True - Cabbage has been proven to help prevent cancer. Cabbage also has lots of Vitamin C (about 50% of the Vitamin C you need in a day per cup of raw cabbage).