• October Harvest Of the Month:

    Can you image all the culinary possibilities that a green leaf can create! Kale is in the brassica family, which includes cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower, collards, and chard. While Kale looks similar to collards and chard, visually kale has more uneven edges to the leafs and is less tolerant to heat. For more fun facts check out our Did You Know Facts - DYK pages.  
    Want to test your knowledge of kale? Ask your students, and you may be surprised that they have learned these fun agricultural and nutrition facts about kale during our in-class harvest sessions. The answers can be found under the October's Did You Know Facts.
     True or False?
    1. Kale is related to the cabbage plant.
    2. There are 12 different kinds of kale.
    3. You may not have heard of Kale because it is a new vegetable and it is only now getting popular.
    4. Kale is high in Vitamin K, which helps our blood and our bones.
    5. Kale can be harvested in our region as late as December. 
    Some more in-depth discussion questions:
    1. What is found in greens that makes food for the plant?
    2. What is a mineral found in greens that is also found in milk?
    3. What do we call the lines in leaves that carry food?
    4. What makes leaves green and also makes food for plants?