• Annual Local Food Day 


    On Monday, May 18th, WCS will be holding its annual Local Food Day. This is a program that offers the students and faculty of WCS a locally grown, home cooked lunch. The meal includes spaghetti pasta, fresh tomato sauce, homemade meatballs, fresh garden salad with choice of dressing, and fresh fruit. There will also be music and games to create a festive atmosphere for the students. Mrs. Alcott’s and Mrs. Hobaica’s health and food classes will be the ones to help organize and prepare the food for this event. Much of the funding for Local Food Day will come from the Waterville Foundation. Because of this, the local lunch will cost the same as that of a normal school lunch.


    This year, the Farm to School Initiative (FTS) will play an important role in sourcing

    food for Local Food Day. Local Food Day is one of the many important outreach and

    education activities for the pre-planning stage of the initiative. This event will also help the

    FTS identify what food students like that can be locally sourced, and help identify

    infrastructure, organizational, and training needs. Some challenges have been met, such as

    finding local food in season that also meets USDA regulations. However, despite the

    challenges, FTS is making progress to implement local food into Waterville and other area

    schools. On behalf of the students at Waterville, thank you to everyone who has supported

    Local Food Day!