• English 12

    English 12 is a course that takes a chronological approach to the study of British Literature. It covers such material as Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales from the Anglo-Saxon and Medieval periods, Shakespeare from the English Renaissance, and much of the poetry of the Romantic, Victorian, and Contemporary ages of writing. Selected contemporary writings outside the realm of poetry are also covered. Students are required to prepare a senior project which has as its basis in Poetry Explication. This project has a written research component but also requires students to prepare a formal presentation for the instructor and the entire class.

    Posting Assignments to the web page provides  a wonderful opportunity for students to check and maintain daily course requirements. It is, however, important for students in my classes to understand that student needs exhibited in class during the day can often affect the time line of projected scheduled assignments. More often than not, I am faced with the need to make adjustments to scheduled assignments based on what we were able to effectively accomplish in class on any given day. For me, student daily needs will always drive the schedule more  than my anticipated desire to accomplish certain tasks. For that reason, it is important that students use the assignments and calendar sections of this website as a general guide but closely pay attention to changes as they are articulated in the classroom each day. While I do appreciate the opportunity to post assignments, as they  gives both students and parents a general sense of direction, STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CHANGES MADE TO SCHEDULED ASSIGNMENTS IN CLASS EACH DAY .  

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