Brothertown Scholarship

  • Photos of this year's (WCS Class of 2022) Award Recipients (Click on the top left of each photo to see description)  

    WCS Class of 2022

    • On June 15, 2022, we held a delightful dinner at Michael’s Four Eleven Tower with recipients, donors of individual scholarships and families.  A total of $39,300 was awarded to forty-five students.   
    • New Awards for 2022
      • Waterville Fire Department Award in Memory of Matt Jurczak (2 @ $500)
      • Edward Carter Stephenson Memorial Award ($500)
      • Martin Cleary Memorial Award ($1000)

    The Brothertown Scholarship Fund assists students of the Waterville Central School with academic scholarships.  Our mission is to raise money which is used to assist WCS seniors with their college expenses.  We began in 1991 by awarding fourteen seniors $52.80 each.  Since the program's inception, we have been able to award over $300,000 in scholarships.   Some of this money came from individual memorial scholarships which we manage, and the remainder was the interest income generated from the annual endowment fund drive.  Any amount of money you can donate is greatly appreciated.

    Please consider contributing to the Endowment Fund (no amount is too small) or starting an individual scholarship (minimum $250). A third option is contributing to an existing scholarship (list below). 

    To establish a scholarship, donate to the Endowment Fund or a Designated Scholarship, please print out the online form, complete and mail to: Brothertown Scholarship Fund, PO Box 454, Waterville, NY  13480.  Thank you for your support of the students at WCS.


    Brian Bogan, Chairman, Brothertown Scholarship Fund

    • Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) – If you are age 70.5 or older, you can make a QCD, or a charitable contribution directly from a pre-tax retirement account to our organization.  This will lower your taxable income, providing a tax benefit for making a charitable contribution; something no longer available to individuals who cannot itemize their taxes.

    2022 Brothertown Scholarship Awards

    Adrian "Pal" & Lovina Staring Memorial Award $250
    Andrew & Vicki Sabol Award $1,500
    Anna Mae "Lefty" Williams Memorial Award $800
    Arthur Scarpino Memorial Award $500
    Betty Jo Williams Memorial Award $500
    Brothertown Optimist Club Award (2@$350) $700
    Brothertown Scholarship Chapter Award (4@$250) $1,000
    Charles & Paula Gray Memorial Award $1,700
    Corporal John P. Sigsbee Memorial Award $800
    Dan Mosny STEM  Award (3@$500) $1,500
    Darrell Marris Memorial Award $250
    Dave & Adele Chernoff Memorial Award $350
    Deansboro Library & Reading Center Award $450
    Donnie Bogan Memorial Award $1,675
    Earle Ford Memorial Award $1,000
    Edward Carter Stephenson Memorial Award $500
    Farm Credit East Award $500
    Gerald Wolfe Memorial Award $500
    Howard & K. June Richmond Memorial Award $800
    Howard Lambrecht Memorial Award $150
    J. Phillip "Phil" Bennett Memorial Award $250
    Jason Pomeroy Memorial Award $1,500
    Jeff Von Matt Sr. Memorial Award $500
    Jill Heidel Memorial Award $500
    Jim & Leslie Van Wormer Leadership Award $300
    Jodi Lynne Marris Memorial Award $500
    Joe Kane Memorial Award $500
    John Edward Baker Award for Entrepreneurism & Innovation $500
    John Paul Nagy Memorial Award (2@$500) $1,000
    John Reile Memorial Award $1,500
    Johnathan "Jon Jon" Beach Memorial Award $325
    Joseph Michael Chubbuck Memorial Award $500
    Kristen Truitt Memorial Award $250
    Kyle Diehl Memorial Award $300
    Linda & Frank Furner Memorial Award (2@$250) $500
    Marjorie Fuess Crumb Memorial Award $500
    Martin Cleary Memorial Award $1,000
    Mary "Tess" & Salvatore Battaglia Sr. Award $250
    Mary Beth Rostiser Memorial Nursing Award $500
    Mary Ellen Ireland Memorial Award (2@$625) $1,250
    Mary McNamara Memorial Award $300
    Matthew Jurczak Memorial Award (2@$500) $1,000
    Michael Oltmann Memorial Award (2@$500) $1,000
    Mohamed Shamma Memorial Award $500
    Nancy King Memorial Award $500
    Owen R. Fortnam Memorial Award (2@$1000) $2,000
    Pearl & Stuart Bogan Memorial Award $500
    Peg & Bill O'Dowd Memorial Award $1,500
    Robert Ford Jr. Memorial Award $500
    Ruth Allen Memorial Award $350
    Tim Rezucha Memorial Award $250
    Tyler Keith Memorial Award (2@$500) $1,000
    Walt Buckoski Memorial Award $850
    Waterville Central School Art Award $250
    Waterville Central School District Foundation Award $300
    Waterville Teachers Association Retirees Award $650
    Waterville Veterinary Clinic Award $200
    Wayne Seely Memorial Award $300