The Review                   
    Film and Life Issues
    Below can be found the guidelines that are typically used for writing the review when a film and it's discussion have been completed. I also included an abbreviated writing task, but it is seldom used. It is always my hope that this writing will lead to some critical thought and analysis followed by some personal application to the life of the student. The opportunity for this kind of reflection hopefully leads to improved critical thinking skills and maybe even reflection that can be informative and corrective in the lives of our students.


    Guidelines for Writing the Review


    In these reviews, I am asking you to do some things movie reviewers typically do and others things they typically don’t.  Basically you are being asked to interpret  the film, explore the issues it raises, and make connections to your own life. Use the observations you made on your “Reading The Film” worksheet and take advantage of our “Film Discussion” to construct a five paragraph essay with one paragraph covering each of the following:


    ·         Introduce the film with a brief review of the story line. In a nutshell, what is the story about?


    ·         Decide (when all is said and done) whether or not you enjoyed the film. Give the film a thumbs up or a thumbs down and explain why you liked or didn’t like the film.  Use specific references to the film to show how it succeeded or failed.


    ·         Talk about the major issue or issues that the film raises. What big ideas about life seem to be explored by the film? What light does the film throw on those issues for you?


    ·         Make a personal connection to the film and its issues. Talk about:

                                   -How the film or issues relate to your life  Or

                                   -Something you learned from the film that can help you Or

                                   -Something in your own personal life that the film makes                           

                                     you think of  Or

                                   -How this film helps you to see yourself or your life                       

                                     differently  Or

                                   -How it confirms something that you already believed

                                     about life in general or your life in particular Or

                                   -an important concept you hope you can incorporate into

                                     your life Or

                                   - some combination of the above.


    Conclude your essay in a way you think is creative and poignant.









    Film and Life Issues – Mr. Elacqua

    Movie Review – Abbreviated Paper (Used infrequently)


    From time to time, students will be asked to complete a more abbreviated film review. This may occur because either because we are considering a short film or it may just work out better in the interest of prioritizing class time.


    The Abbreviated Review should:


    • Be no longer than one typed double spaced page (and probably not less than ¾ of a page).
    • Eliminate the plot summary (this is where you should find your greatest time savings). This should be replaced with a single introductory sentence.
    • Contain a short paragraph where you tell whether you liked the film or not and a brief explanation of why.
    • Contain a paragraph where you discuss an important or significant scene or returning motif. Tell why it is important, what it means, and what lesson the scene or motif offers to the film reader.
    • As always, make some relevant connection to you and your own life.
    • Be brief enough to be written in a short time frame but well written enough so that you still demonstrate critical thought and self reflection.