Farm to School Initiative          
                                              MPS          Check out   Local Maple Glaxed Carrots   served in April 2018                                                                                    Jr.Sr.high                               
    Mission Statement
     "To build a strong foundation of local support, food choices,sources and education that will provide our families and school community with the knowledge and opportunity to improve the health of our students, strengthen our farm economy while protecting our environment"
    Statement of Purpose
    " Waterville's farm to school program will increase healthy food choices and educational opportunities that connect the school with the farm community."
    •  This statement of purpose was created through the efforts of the Farm to School Team at the end of our attendance to the NE Farm to School Institute. We collaborated to create a statement that put forth a clear meaning of what the purpose of our efforts and the Farm to School Initiative are.
     **** Although this process will not happen overnight we need to start somewhere.  With our partnerships we are building across the region and the resources made available to us through this grant we are confident that we can boost student health through increasing access to fresh and nutritious foods and promote regional food systems awareness.  Waterville's  Farm to School program was implemented in January 2015.****